SaaStr.Jobs is your secret hiring weapon.

You've got your network.  You've got your recruiters.  That's great.  We'll just give you a little boost.

We'll surface a handful of great new candidates for your open VP/Director/Manager positions each month. After you sign up, we'll:

  1. find execs that are a great algorithmic match to your stage, using our proprietary algorithms.  
  2. hand screen them.  Computers only get you so far.
  3. confirm with the candidate that they're interested.
  4. and only then ...
  5. let you know we've got a potential good match

Our goal?  Great management candidates you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.  Not a flood.  Not a pile of bad fits to sort through.  Just a few, extra, great, well-curated candidates for you each month.

We'll do the hard work bringing you together, and you'll get an email like this: