We know the problem. Great CEOs don't get enough great VP Candidates.  And great VPs and Directors get bombarded by recruiters -- but rarely with truly great opportunities.  

SaaStr Jobs focuses solely on matching CEOs of SaaS startups with their key leadership hires in Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Success.   We learn who you are, what you want, what you need, then algorithmically- and hand-match the right candidates with the best companies. 

CEOs & Founders

Get 2-3 highly curated senior-level candidates per month you wouldn't have otherwise met.

VPs & Directors

Learn about a handful of opportunities that are the perfect fit each month. For today, or down the road.

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Our goal is 95% success rate on matches, that every VP and Director we match to a great CEO and great SaaS company just kills it.  Together.  As an epic team.

This is a not a job board.  It’s not spray-and-prey.  It’s a matchmaking service for SaaS executives.  SaaStr Jobs doesn’t replace recruiters or your network — it’s in addition to both. Opportunities you'd never find otherwise.

So more of us get to $100m ARR, faster and better.  With less stress.  And more success.